We are Tessa Hendrikx (bass player) and Leroy Carli (guitarist). We are the people who together set up this studio.
Both of us have been in the music world for years. Both as musician for various bands and projects as music teachers and band coaches.
Besides our passion to create music and be on stage, we have also always had a stong interest in the phenomenon of ‘sound’ and the recording a production of it. We soon came to the conclusion that this was something we wanted to pursue. We dove into it, learned more and from that we grew from a small ‘Attic Studio’ to a full-fledged recording studio.
Thanks to our musical background we are always available to guide or advice you in creating the arrangements.


Flawless Music Studio is a modern and professional studio situates in Raamsdonksveer.

Do you want to record an album/ep/single with your band? Create a music production with your song, band or company? And do you want to do this in a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere?

Then Flawless Music Studio is the place for you.

The studio has been set up by Leroy Carli and Tessa Hendrikx. Both musicians in heart and soul who have used their passion to set up this studio. We are not just producers and technicians for this studio, but we can help and advice from a musicians point of view.

For more information you can always contact us with no limiting conditions.


Recording options are very broad. Do you want to record an entire band? Or maybe just certain instruments, or a single instrument, or do you want to record your voice? It is all possible.


After everything has been recorded, it also has to be mixed well to turn it into a complete piece that sounds good played on any sound system.
If you already have the recordings and just need it all to be mixed, we can offer our services.

Production creation:

  • Have you written a great song but need to turn it into a complete production?
  • Do you need a backingtrack?
  • Would you like to add (backing) music support to your company presentation/ website or advert?

We would love to help!


  • Voice overs
  • We have various sounds for gams (running water, walking on pebbles, walking on wood)
    • Sound effects